Monday, December 6, 2010

December 6th.

Today I am thankful for my dear old friends.  I have some great ones. 

Ones who I have been friends with for much more than half my life.  I think of Gidget and Erin and all the crazy times we spent together during my teenage years.  I think of sweet Jenny and can't believe that she is going to be a mom of 3 by next summer.  Times just fly by.

I have some awesome college friends.  I think of Heather and Jake, who I adore.  I think of the the  Hams(Jessica, Heidi, Sarah, Lacey, Joette, Winebrenner, and Jenn) and all their shenanigans.  I think of so so so many people who made my times at Houghton some of the best in my life.   A happiest birthday to dear Jenn Bullock.  If you aren't friends with her, it is because you haven't met her yet.  The girl is amazing and probably the best at keeping in touch of anyone I have ever met.

I made some great friends during my short stay in Long Island.  I think of Mishy and her fun spirit.  I think of Judy and how she has 3 boys under 2.  It is amazing!

I think of all the wonderful people that God has brought into my path here in Naples.  I couldn't even begin to tell all of the people who come to mind.  If you are reading this... then that means you!

But on this December 6th, not only am I super thankful for the people and friends that God has blessed me with over the last 30 years of my life, but I am especially thankful for my darling best girl friend, Carly Jones.  Carly has seen me through some of the greatest and worst times in my life.  Even though we live thousands of miles away, she always has the right words and thoughts to keep me in line, or just the ear to listen when I need to vent.   She will be bringing her second little sweet girl into the world in the next month I can't wait to meet little Maggie Bell!

Car, I love you and am so thankful for you!


Gidget said...

Love you and Miss you Laura! I am thankful for you also!!

Art Teacher said...

Ha, I think it's funny that I was all like "did you blog today!"
I love you too and miss you, but really the fat neck picture? jk

MommyB said...

Awww I can't believe I got a shout out in the blog. So sweet!!! And I love you!

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