Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Believe it or not, I am completely done with wrapping gifts for Be a Santa to a Senior. To be honest with you, I cannot believe it myself. When this season started, I was worried. Worried was an understatement. I was sleepless and overwhelmed. This has been the busiest season our company has ever had, and I knew that i would not be able to devote every waking moment to micromanaging every second of the program.

If you know me well at all, you would know that I have a bit of a control issue... Again another understatement. So even though I was unable to control every bit of this amazing few months, it has been accomplished... And today as I sit on my couch watching 'The Invention of Lying' I feel relaxed and at peace and for that, I am soooo thankful!


Art Teacher said...

Hahahah...you're not a control freak! So glad that you got it done!

Jan said...

Hooray, so happy you are finished and now you can just relax and breath again. It's such a great feeling when everything is completed and it is a job well done.

Sorry I missed your call. I was out with Rach doing some shopping so she had something to open under the tree.

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