Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas is 15 days away!

Happy December 10th.

Can you believe how fast the time is going?  For me it seems that it is going way too fast.  I have so much to do for Be a Santa to a Senior that I can barely breathe... but at least it is something that I enjoy and know that it is making a difference!

Today I am super thankful for both of my brothers.  I love having an older brother because growing up, I had someone to look up to, someone to follow their lead, and someone hang out with.  I love having a younger brother because it was always fun to have someone to pal around with, and torment :).

As adult children, I really enjoy both of my brothers company.  Greg is an amazing father and super hard worker.  Jim is a great friend, hard worker and both are just a blast to hang out with. 

I can't wait to see them next weekend, and again the following weekend. 

Here is a picture of us from little Jimmy's wedding!  Do you think we look alike?  I have honestly heard both yes and no.


Art Teacher said...

You all definitely look alike, but you are by far the prettiest. I really, really wish you would have ditched this picture where you all are fancy smancy and used the one from the fridge that I put up there like 4 years ago.

Erin said...

Yes, you all look alike I think! Aren't siblings the best!?

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Marcus Hepburn said...

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