Sunday, December 12, 2010

Constant reminders 12.12.10

Today, Sunday the 12th of December I am thankful for God's constant reminders of His love for us!

It may seem silly, but Friday night, I went to a Christmas performance of 'Creepy Crawly Christmas' and I was reminded through some adults dressed like bugs that Jesus didn't leave Heaven to come to Earth, Jesus is Heaven. 

Over the last couple of days, I have been very aware of Christ's presence with me. Whether it was because of the sweet man ringing the Salvation Army bell who was singing Christmas Carols and making up his own words.  It just brought such joy to my heart to see the large white man with New Balance Sneakers remind me of my Savior.

Strangely enough, I almost took a picture of my hair on the wall in the shower today (gross, I know)- it was definitely in the shape of Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus in the manger. It was so weird but so amazing.  I am definitely not one of the people who see Mary in their toast and then sell it on ebay, but today I could have been!  Hahah!

I never doubt He is with me, but today I am even more thankful for the reminder of his love and presence. 


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