Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Flat "Brayden" visited us this week

Sometimes I really miss being a teacher. I was so excited when I heard that my nephew's kindergarten class was doing the "Flat Stanley" project. Flat Stanley visit My parents, Brandi's parents, and then came to visit us.

This is the letter that I am sending back with Flat Stanley about his time here in Naples:

Dear Friends and Classmates,
You would not believe the adventure that I have had with Uncle Slim and Aunt Laura. I have been with them since Saturday, and during that time, we have visited so many places in South West Florida! Have you ever heard of the Gulf of Mexico? That is where they live! I thought that when we visited the beach, we were actually going to the ocean, but instead, it was the Gulf of Mexico. The west coast of Florida beach meets up with a body of water that divides Florida from Texas. Wow was it beautiful!!!

On Saturday afternoon, Uncle Slim’s band, Fellowbliss, was playing at an event in Cape Coral, Florida. A cape is a piece of land that goes out into the water past the rest of the land. Of course Cape Coral goes out into the Gulf of Mexico. We had to take a bridge there, but I wasn’t scared. It was actually so cool! The band did a great job, but it was way too hot for picture taking, and I was too busy signing autographs. While I was there, the band invited me to come with them to their music video shoot on Tuesday. I had never been to a video shoot, so of course I said yes.
Not knowing what to expect, I made sure to bring my brief case along! The first part of the shoot was at a place called Allied Recycling. This place was so amazing!!! They take old trucks and any kind of machinery and smash it down to reuse it again… that way they don’t have all that metal hanging around our dumps and junk yards. When we got there, the recycling plant had actually just made a huge sale of $200,000 worth of used metal, and so the owners said that because so many people would be working to transport all that metal, it was not a safe place for the band to film.

We moved on to a warehouse in Fort Myers, Fl and that is where I got to star in the music video. Uncle Slim let me hang out with him and the band, and he even let me play his guitar! Wow, it was AWESOME! The band took some pictures with me after, and it was so cool.

I can’t wait to get back to see you in Colorado Springs, but I sure am going to miss Uncle Slim and Aunt Laura. I have had a lot of fun with them!

Your friend,

Flat Stanley (As you can see I have been practicing my autograph)