Friday, December 3, 2010

The 3rd!!!

Carly is asking for a few shallow things thrown in... so today she is getting her wish!

I have to be honest with you.  The last week has been so rough.  The weather is getting cooler, which I am so not complaining about.  We don't have a heater (not that my sweet hubs would let me use it anyhow) and so each morning, as I roll over to turn off my alarm, I am stunned by the frigid air that haunts my body.  Nothing in me wants to get out of the nice warm blankets.  Well I shouldn't say nothing...

There is one thing.  One thing that has kept me going all week.  And today, at the end of this work week, I am incredibly thankful that my darling boss blessed us with the a Keuring and the Green Mountain Holiday Coffee.

This week I have had all of the tasty flavors, and if you ever read this blog- the two of you who do, would know that I love the Gingerbread coffee with the Italian Sweet Cream creamer.  OMG.  It is delish! 

So I raise my glass of Holiday Blend and toast you today.  Praise God that in about 4 short hours I am celebrating the weekend!


Melanie said...

You are not alone in the warm covers/cold room department. We keep our heat on 64 during the night. because it is too expensive otherwise. But we got a space heater for our room and the kids room. it helps.
love ya

Dupree said...

I got to see your husband today. Now I need to see you!

Kate said...

There is nothing- and I say nothing- shallow about including coffee on your list! :)

Marcus Hepburn said...

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