Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 11 - The Slimtronic5000 takeover special!

I must warn up front that while this isn't an abnoxiously long post, it's certainly not short either... however, today, on December 11th, 11 days into the this journey of 30 days of thankfulness, I'm thankful that my wife never changes her passwords!

While many may frown on a spouse of "hacks" into the others, however I assure you it's with great cause as I, much like the angel in the Nativity story, bring good news of great joy!

I know what you're thinking:
"Are they moving?"
"Did one of them get a new job?"
"Did Slim's band, FellowBliss, get signed?"
"Oh dear, are they preggers!?"
"Oh no, I know it... Slim finally cut his hair!?!?!?"

No... it's none of the above... it's MUCH better!!

"What's better than all of that stuff?" I know you're asking...


With that being said, the Slimtronic5000 takeover edition of Laura's "Thankfulness" series is two-fold...

I'm thankful for spaghetti, spaghetti night, and pastas in general. As you may know, I'm a published food writer with a righteous, rich, and rather respectable palette (if I do say so myself)... so needless to say, I love me some food, especially when it's GOOD!

But more than the spaghetti and fine foods, I'm thankful for a bride that enjoys cooking and taking care of a shlub like me. I'm certainly not easy to put up with as it is, and definitely even harder to live with! With three jobs, one of which includes a touring rock band, my schedule is out of control. Couple that with the fact that I'm a genuinely awful human being, and even worse a husband, it makes sweet Laura into even more of a Saint!

Seriously, patience like I've never seen before! Not only is she drop-dead gorgeous, but she's got a heart the size of my web presence on social networks (for those of you who know me, you know that's friggin' huge!) and is, in her own right, HYSTERICAL.

I know many people, and many funny people to boot... but nobody ever seems to get me chuckling quite like the L-Train does.

She's the greatest friend that anyone could ask for... honestly. She takes care of everyone that comes into contact with her, and would truly give you the shirt off of her back. (er... well... maybe not literally...)

There are so many things I could say about this ridiculously amazing woman... in fact, I found a small list that of things that I love about LBG that I wrote a month before our wedding. It's amazing how everything I penned years ago still holds true (and more) today:

Things I love about her...
• Her smile
• Her eyes
• Her voice
• Her own little language (i.e.: "Fiffernug", "Jean Ween" etc.)
• Her humor
• Her wit
• Her sense of style
• Her classy-ness
• She's a dreamer.
• She's prone to extreme silliness.
• She's honest and trustworthy and loyal.
• She has a bizarre sense of humor.
• She makes a good eggs.
• She's cute.
• She puts up with me.
• She's going to be a FANTASTIC mom
• Her energy is infectious
• She's adventurous, seeking out new experiences.
• She's sexy AND smart.
• How she continues to fight for me, even when I neglect her
• Her unflagging curiosity about everything around her.
• She's a great cook.
• She's not afraid of speaking out even if it means going against the majority.
• How she questions things most people take for granted.
• She's not afraid of goofy fun.
• Her writing is from the heart. She may claim she's not a writer, but her blog entries have made me laugh out loud and also teary-eyed.
• Her positive attitude and humor through experiences many other people would be constantly whining about and using as a crutch. Instead, these experiences seem just to make her stronger.
• The way she helps friends find cool opportunities.
• She doesn't mince words, especially when she's pissed off about something. You always know where you stand with her. No mindgames, no emotional manipulation.
• She's a great listening ear, sympathetic but also objective. Doesn't let me get away with self-indulgent crap.
• She's intellectually and emotionally honest.
• She's gorgeous.
• She's a loyal friend and an amazing woman. I feel incredibly lucky to be her friend.
• She has what I believe to be the softest skin in the universe.
• She can dance
• She can sing too.. although she doesn't always get the lyrics right...
• She is extremely photogenic; she does not take a bad picture!
• Spending the day with her guarantees lots of laughter
• She never takes life for granted.
• She gets such a joy out of her family's joy.
• She looks comfortable and classy in anything, from a slinky formal dress to baggy sweatpants and a t-shirt.
• The fact that despite her crazy schedule, she still makes it a priority to find time for me.
• She could spend hours browsing the children's section of a bookstore.
• Her playfulness.
• The depth of caring she shows her friends and family.
• The fact that she loves me
• Her sweet face
• The fact that she let's the Dude sleep on the bed in the master bedroom when I'm not around.
• "You wanna snuggle one time some times?"
• "I love you a whole lot of bunches of oodles plus 2?"
• "You... you... you... wanna get meeearrrieeed?"
• Her family
• Her friends
• Her stories
• Her laugh
• Her love.
• Her commitment to God
• Her general outlook on life
• Her heart
• Her life
• Her warmth
• Two words: "Fri" "tata"
• How she's picked up MY own little language
• How she moves her hands when she talks
• The cute little dance she does when she thinks nobody is looking.....
• How God designed her specifically to mesh with me
• How God made her my wife (to be)
• How it doesn't matter how long we're apart, she'll write little cards for everyday that we're away from each other.
• The way she hugs me
• The way she kisses
• Her smell
• Her touch
• She does my laundry

I love every single thing about her. As the days get closer to our wedding, I started to realize that I'm just falling deeper and deeper in love with her. I can't wait until we are old and hardly functional, so that I could look back on my life and realize that I had the greatest life ever, and that people would have killed to have my life and to have what I have. To look back on my life and realize that there really is a God, and that he loves me and shows me daily how much he loves me by putting such an amazing, stunningly beautiful woman in my life.

That's my wife... my sweetest babe... my friend... my lover... and most importantly, the maker of my spaghetti. She's what I'm thankful for, not just today... not just this season... but everyday of my life.

And his heart grew three sizes that day...


Art Teacher said...

:) I'm glad you love her like that.

Erin said...

What a sweet post! :) She's blessed - as are you, Slim.

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