Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Summit Syracuse

For all of my darling loves that are reading, from the CNY region. Please check out...


If you live there, please hit it up. I don't know when the official opening is, but I do know that there are planning meetings already in the works.

Jordan Stinziano, a Syracuse native is taking his family back to where he is from to fight for the hearts of every man, woman, and child in the cuse.

He is taking Jim Murphy with him. Jim and his family are dear friends of Slim's and have become dear to me as well. The Murphys will head to the Cuse right after Jim stands up for Slim, at our wedding.

God is good, and He is more than able to help this dying city. Get on board...


Tessa said...

Thats my cousin for ya. Going in the midst of the madness he is currently living in. All for God and the dear people in he Cuse. Interesting way of living, huh? I wish I could be like that.

The Herrenbrucks said...

Maybe we can all grab lunch on Friday again or something?? :) Whatdya think?

Tessa said...

Update your blog, you little stinker.
I know you were away but I'm sick and tired of looking at your blog everyday to find the same old stuff. So just update it.
Oh and I love what Slim wrote about you in his blog. He's a great guy.