Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I tasted the food, and it was good

Last night, Slim and I met with Amy for a food tasting.

For those of you coming to the wedding, you are going to love the food. At first, I was pretty much sure that I didn't want a buffet, but when I thought about the fact that the guests would then have 3 main entrees to choose from, or have all of, my decision was clear.

Time is ticking away. We stopped by our jewelrs home, and dropped off my engagement ring last night. He is going to be making me a band. It should be done by the end of the week. I am so excited about that.

Tonight we meet with the wedding coordinator... BUSY BUSY BUSY!

Friday we go to start tux orders.

This wedding planning stuff is for the birds:)

38 days!


Greg Big Mac McElheny said...

You are the coolest kid in school.

Liana said...

Laura -
Do you have a brother named Tom?
...What year did you graduate from Houghton?

Tessa said...

holler!!!!!!! dang. i have GOT to go see loretta about my dresss!!! ah.