Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Oh the wonders of the world wide web

We lived in the same place, we ate in the same place, we walked the same roads, and halls, but it took the internet for us to ever meet.

Introducing Liana. She went to Houghton for a year while I was there. She was an RA in the dorm, where I lived. We had classes in the same buildings, and ate food in the same cafeteria, but she found my blog. Now find hers.

Fun new friend.


Liana said...

Aww, thanks Laura.
It IS a small world, after all. I had to get my yearbook out last night just to look you up - funny how you don't REALLY know everyone at Houghton!

Liana said...

Ok, sorry to post (AGAIN) but you know Jen (Carl)Bullock? Crazy - but I was her youth leader back in the day - so yep, she went to my church!
Small, small world!