Saturday, August 25, 2007

high school football and marching band

Last night, a bunch of the youth staff went out to the Estero High football game. I would like to tell all you readers that it was a shut-out by the wildcats, seeing that they were playing a school that has only been in existence for 1 week, but they still got clobbered. Sad but true.

The band however was great, considering they have only practiced togetber for a couple weeks now. Slim's sisters are both in the band, and are incredible musicians. Kelsey is a senior and marches the flute, and Haley is a sophomore and this year is in the drum pit. Great job, girlies.

While I was at the game, sitting in the 90 degree weather, I thought to myself, 'self, this surely does not feel like football.' There is something about going to a fall sport and sitting on the bleachers all snuggled in a blanket, drinking hot coffee, or cocoa, and enjoying the game. I have so many memories of Liverpool football games, or FHS soccer games when there was a bite in the air and everyone could see their breath. We wore mittens, and hoodies over layered clothes. Our cheeks were rosie from the wind. I am sure that we were cold, but that made it fun! Sweating and feeling sticky all night, not as much fun.

I can't wait to go to San Fran in 3 weeks. It is going to feel like fall! WAHOO!