Friday, August 17, 2007


Yesterday, I was very aware of the rude people in the world. Slim had a rude teller at the bank, and I had an experience that made my skin crawl all afternoon.

I called a to- go order in to Tijuana Flats (my fave Tex Mex) and I went to pick it up around 12:15. While I was walking in, a man walked in directly behind me, and the lady at the counter thought that we were together, but I informed her that I was just there to pick up an order.

I was paying for my order when a kind young worker approached the man who was standing behind me. This man was standing reading the menu.

Here is how the conversation went...

TF employee: Welcome to Tijuana Flats. Have you ever been here before?
Man who walked in behind me: No
TF employee: Do you have any questions about the menu?
Man who walked in behind me: (in a yelling tone) Well if you would just let me read, I would know if I had any questions!

The entire restaurant went quiet and felt so bad for the employee who was doing his job. I wanted to scream at the man.

WHY ARE PEOPLE SO RUDE? If you have someone in your life, who can be this way, please encourage them to think about the big picture, and to be kind... it goes much further!


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Tessa said...

I sent you a reply from the "Wahoo" you wrote me... Its on my upcoming weekend blog. Read it.