Thursday, July 19, 2007

I missed his call...

Slim called last night from Detroit to say that they had to run through the airport to make it to their Amsterdam flight. He was boarding the plane while he was leaving the message, and by the time I got it, the flight had already taken off. I was crushed, but very happy that they were on their way to Africa.

He should be arriving in Africa around noon my time. It will be around 7 their time. Sure is a lot of flying. I will keep you updated when I get some emails. I will be expecting one tonight.

Slim, if you are reading this, I love you and miss you. Dude was sad last night, and there was nothing to do, and no one to talk to, so I just went to bed when I got home from CRAVE. I am going to see if I can use Drue's phone to check my email while I am in Orlando this weekend, so, if you can send them, I will be waiting. You are my favorite. Be encouraged, and be blessed.