Thursday, July 31, 2008

Reasons I am looking forward to August 21st, 2008

1. Jessica Terry Burke (and Madison Burke)! We are going to have such a great time together! Can't wait to be with them.

2. A delicious Heid's coney with yellow mustard! You all have no idea how good this is. It is so bad for you, and totally un-organic, but no food in the world makes me happier. Jess and I already decided that this would be our first meal off the plane!

3. The Carousel Mall- a lot of great stores, all in the same place. I love it! It has employed many people over the approximately 20 years it has been in existence, and it attracts over 17 million customers per year. It is great for Syracuse's economy!

4. Seeing fellow graduates of the Faith Heritage class of 1998. It feels like just yesterday that we were together for classes, but now many of us are married, some have kids, and we are spread across the US. Here is a picture of us, from back in the day... Yes, I am wearing a silly camoflage bucket hat, and Jessica is wearing overalls, as usual:)
5. A vacation: I just need one, no picture or explanation required.
6. The great NYS Fair. I have posted about this before, but here is what I am really excited about...
Pizze Fritte: Ummm. Da-licious. No other words to describe it!

Gianelli's Sausage and Pepper's sandwich is pretty much to die for. I usually eat my way through the Fair. Growing up, I loved the rides and the seeing the animals, but as I got into my teenage years, I only went for the food. It is the absolute best!

7. Sarah Marie Moore Marquart: For those of you who don't know, one of my very best friends, Sarah, who I went to college with, married my friend Joel from highschool. She will be at the reunion, and I cannot wait to see her and hug her. We always laugh a lot when we are together.

8. Missio Church: Jordan Stinziano, along with Jim Murphy, two previous pastors of my church down here, planted Summit Church Syracuse, which eventually changed it's name to Missio. All my church friends from growing up, are going there, along with Brandon and Alaina, friends from here, who moved up there. I will be going to church there on the 24th of August, and I can't wait! They meet at Henniger High School, if you live in the Cuse and want to check it out... Here is their website.


Art Teacher said...

Will you bring me a hot dog to'll keep.

Jessica said...

Oh Lola!!! I cannot wait! I am so excited to get to hang out with you! I love you!

MrsBethorama said...

YEA!!! Jake and I are going to be there too! Gosh, I haven't seen you and Jess in years. It will be great to see you both :)

Jason, Nicole, and Rowen said...

Have fun my friend! My family will be at the cousin works for SU and they will be working at the fair for the University. You and Slim should take a trip to PA sometime...we could go to NYC or Philly. Love and Blessings!!!..Nicole

Tessa said...

i'm pretty sure you'll be @ missio just in time to meet @ the you know about this?
probably not, but possibly.
this weekend, they are meeting for the last time @ Henniger.
The following weeks they're meeting at the Palace! Jordan took us there to check it out and its going to be so great there!

Also, the mall was INSANE. did you know that once the building process is done it will be the biggest mall in the U.S?! sadly, theyre gonna change the name... booo!!! It will forever be the Carousel Mall to us!

And of course, it was great to be at Missio. Jim did a great job with the worship, and whoever speaks, whether its Jordan or Jeremy it will be great. and it was SOOOOOOo good to see Brandon & Alaina! when I saw Brandon he hopped up and picked me up! It was so sweet. I miss them all so much!

Have a blast, love ya.