Friday, August 8, 2008

One week away...

It is going to be a hot one... not just because of the weather:).

Ashley and Justin are getting married in one week! Slim and I are thrilled that we have been able to get to know them over the last year. We are so excited for them, and pumped that they are going to get to go on such an awesome vacation for their honeymoon.

California, here they come!

Keep checking back for pictures from their lovely day...


Seedling said...

YAY i am so excited too

Melting Pot, then Wedding here we come!


Melanie said...

I have never met your fun friend Ashley, but as soon as i saw that picture, I realized that mike and I just met Justin in Buckle last night. He was super nice and we talked about Summit and Mike invited him to the Samson Group Meeting and is supposed to bring him a book. how random!