Monday, July 7, 2008

My husband... the hero

As you know, I am married to an amazing man, otherwise known as "the LAW." (Well in our house anyway)

Here is a cute story to prove this point.

Yesterday, after lunch, I dropped Slim off at his car, so he could drive it home from church. This is a weekly occurrence, because Slim has to get to church really early to play, and I go to the 2nd service, thus there are two cars in the Summit parking lot when it is time for lunch. I head home. On the way home, I call Carly to talk, and about 20 minutes into the phone call, I realize that Slim is still not home. 30 minutes in, I get a beep... it is Slim. He tells me that he is helping a little old man who had an accident by our house. 1 hour later, Slim is still not home. I call again, and he doesn't answer. 1 hour 15 minutes later, Slim calls and says he is almost home.

Here is what happened.

Slim pulls up to the corner of Winged Foot Rd. and Lee Rd. (for those of you who know where they are). There is a little old man, who we will call Walter, to protect his identity, standing in the road staring blankly, outside his car. All of a sudden the car starts rolling, but there was no one in the driver's seat. The car takes out street sign that says caution. Walter then decides to stand in front of the rolling car to try to keep it from rolling into the small pond there on the side of the street. Apparently he thought he could stop it with his bare hands. At this point, Slim flings himself out of his car to scream to this man to get out of the way, because there was no doubt that the car was going in and when it did, the man would have been trapped. Walter listened to Slim and moved just as the car started to enter the pond. The little man then decides that in order to save his car, he should get inside of it and put on the brakes so that it didn't move further into the pond. Sadly, when trying to push the brakes, Walter actually pushed the gas driving the car right into the pond. At this moment, another car pulls up and he, along with Slim pull the little old man out of the water, leaving the car behind.

Slim helps the man try to get a hold of AAA. AAA was having a hard time understanding Walter, because Walter did not have all the information that he needed because his blind wife couldn't read it to him over the phone, obviously. Slim gets on the phone with AAA and gets a tow truck all set up. While they were waiting for AAA to arrive, Walter explains to Slim that he had pulled over to help a turtle get to the water and out of the street, but must have forgotten to put his car in park. CRAZY.

While they were waiting, a whole bunch of people that Slim knew came by... Todd Wermers and Ray Johnston being two. Also, an officer, who wasn't on duty stopped to check things out. He hung around until the tow truck came. Once the tow arrived, everyone was a bit nervous as to how he was going to get the car out. It took a bit of time, but the truck driver got the car out of the wedged position and hung it upside down for a bit to get as much water out of it as possible.

He put the car back down on the road, and much to everyones surprise, there was no damage on the car, and Walter was able to drive that vehicle home! Crazy huh?

So, my husband, continues to be the local hero of San Carlos Park!


Art Teacher said...

He's such a great one!!!!!!

Kari said...

That is amazing, funny and sad all at the same time! Only to Slim.

The Herrenbrucks said...

aw, that's such a precious story! :) so funny, all for the turtle :) bless that little old man's heart - and praise God for Slim's BIG heart! :)