Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Reasons to love Tropical Smoothie... because I do

1. The buffalo chicken wrap: A small piece of Heaven, here on earth.
2. A fun and tropical atmosphere: There are currently 5 Tropical Smoothies that I frequent, and I must say, they are all very inviting and make you feel as if you are in the tropics... oh wait, we are.
3. Delicious soups: Now I know it comes out of a bag and then gets poured into the warmers, but it tastes like homemade, and that is what counts.
4. PUNCH CARDS: For every 9 smoothies, wraps, or sandwiches you buy, you get one free.
5. Breakfast wraps: Slim loves to build his own
6. Wi-fi: I mean who doesn't love that?!?!?!
7. 1 size for smoothies: LARGE! Perfect marketing ploy, one size and one price only. Everyone has to pay for a large, sadly they aren't cheap.
8. Fry-free zone: Everything there is generally healthy. They don't fry anything, and they use reduced fat cheeses, and dressings.
9. Boar's Head meat: Only the best, baby!
10. Friendly servers and owners: The Tropical Smoothie in Estero is owned by the sweetest family. They treat us like they have known us forever, plus some of the guys have really cool names ie. Striker and Trinity!

Now you know. Why do you love it?


Kari said...

I do not think I have been I will have to try it. It sound wonderful.

Jamin said...

I suggest the King Caesar Wrap. It's everything I've ever wanted and more.

Tessa said...

it is indeed, amazing!!!!!!
im a strong believer in smoothies once a day if not 5 times a week!