Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Thursday morning girl time

A few years ago, probably 3 now, a group of 5-6 ladies got together on Thursday mornings at Einstein's Bagels to study God's Word and discuss what He was doing in their lives.

I was among these women and this was my favorite time of the week. Things happened though... Lisa moved away and got married, Kate moved away and got married, Carly got married and moved (but not away), Kendal moved away, and that left Lindsey and me... so we stopped meeting. We tried to keep it up for a while, but it just didn't work out.

Tomorrow that all changes.

Place: Panera Bread- Coconut Point
Time: 6 am (goo)
What: A woman's study
Who: Carly, Alaina, Abby, and me (if you are interested and are willing to take the 6am challenge, we will see you there!)

I will post about how great this is... wait for it!


The Herrenbrucks said...

Wish I could come, that would be fun. However, not sure how I would travel all the way up to Coconut Pointe by 6 and then backtrack back to work. Boo! :) Have a wonderful time. Sounds like a stellar group of women!

Smack talking mac said...

I'll be there...I will have to leave my house at 2:30am but I will be there!

Samara said...

i'll be there too, i'll just leave now :)

heather said...

ok, why did my name come up as samara? that is kindof scary.

Laura said...

I was like... Hmmm. Samara. Weird. Heather and Samara aren't even close.


I love you, Heather.

Kate said...

I remember those days fondly...
I wish I still had them!