Wednesday, October 24, 2007

sorry about that last post...

... too many words, and not that interesting. I did find it fun that two of the top three are right here where I live.

Slim and I had a date to Sushi Thai. Our favorite.

I heart the ginger salad dressing. It makes me so happy!

I had a Mexican Roll... apparently it was still Japanese. Not sure how that works out.

Slim has been eating Masseman super Thai hot. He is crazy and I am still unsure how they make coconut milk and curry mix together to create something good. It is his favorite though.


SlimTronic5000 said...

Correction... YOU'RE my favorite... Thai food comes and goes... but wives... they're pretty much forever. And hot too... for eternity.

Art Teacher said...

You really heart a lot of things. I don't know if I have ever hearted anything...maybe I'll start!

Speak Photography said...

I want ginger dressing now...yum!