Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fault Lines

More insight from our girl's small group book...

"We all have fault lines that run through our souls...weak spots in our psyches that may go undetected-or simply ignored-for years. Living high above the hidden issues, we may function failry well in our outer lives, never acknowledging our vulnerablilty or the need to guard against potential attack. These are the very places Satan searches for when he prowls around 'like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.'"

What are your fault lines? What is your weak spot?

-Maybe it is finding significance in what others think about you... I have this problem!

MY PERFORMANCE+OTHERS' OPINIONS=MY SELF WORTH (Robert McGee's The Search for Significance)

"For that particular mindset pushes me not only to be what God wants me to be be but also what everyone else wants me to be. Including everything I think they want me to be. A chronic chameleon, I spend my life constantly changing colors and outfits to fit whatever situation I find myself in. It is exhausting. Futile. Hopeless."

"Worst of all, I may persist in viewing God as an aloof and distant judge, holding up a scorecard to rate my every attempt to please Him, rather than seeing Him as He truly is... a loving Father on bended knee with hands outstreched and a smile as big as eternity. Praising my every step. Picking me up when I stumble. Helping me walk while He teaches me how to run. Ready with acceptance and approval when I have been killing myslef to obtain on my own."

Just some thoughts...