Thursday, October 11, 2007

Celtic Woman Wannabee...

If you had asked me two weeks ago if I had ever heard of Celtic Woman, my answer would have been no, but I soon learned that we would be attending the Celtic Woman concert and sitting in the box. About a week ago, I asked Slim if the Celtic Woman sang... he of course laughed at me because now I know that the Celtic Woman is more than that... it is 5 woman plus their entourage, and I am a now a HUGE fan.

It was high security, top notch sets and lighting, and a lot more fun than I was prepared to encounter. Here is how it works. There are 4 main singing girls who wear princess dresses and sing like angels and then there is this feisty little fiffer of a woman who plays the fiddle better than anyone I have ever heard. She frolicked around the stage kicking her legs and spinning around while playing. It was incredible.

Check out their website.

Here are a few pictures of them..

Now don't be confused, the pictures are misleading. I am not sure that there was one moment when these ladies were just standing there and singing. They were always moving and it seemed that they were having so much fun.

I know the tickets are pretty pricey, but if they are coming to your town, you should check them out. The tour dates are on the website. I know that you won't be disappointed!


heather said...

Sounds like fun! Hey you guys got me hooked on post secret too, did you get the new book?

The Herrenbrucks said...

I think they sound fun! :) So great to have coffee today. Let's do again soon! I loved it. :) So glad you guys are super. We all really need to get together.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I first saw CW in March of 2005 when their debut cd came out. A year later I joined the CW forum and have all 3 cds with the dvds and have been to 2 concerts. Check out the Offical CW forum at!