Thursday, September 20, 2007

leaving the West Cliff Inn, but more delicious food

I didn't know that leaving Santa Cruz would be so hard.

Slim and I woke up to the smell of quiche baking in the oven. We could hardly wait until 8:30 for breakfast time. We had a quick breakfast, and then packed our bags and headed on our way back to San Francisco.

The weather has been so awesome, but the mornings are a bit chilly. Please notice the temperature reading in the car.

Slim doesn't love this picture of himself, but you had to see how cool the sky looked.

... and here is Laura B. Gillian , the racecar driver.

We drove the hour and a half to Brandi's uncle's apartment in Emeryville. Uncle Barry is letting us stay there on Wednesday and Friday nights, while we are in San Fran. When we got there, we took a nap, of course, and then prepared for our delicious meal at one of Uncle Barry's restaurants, Horizons.

We left the apartment at 6 pm for our 7:00 reservation. The drive was only 20-50 minutes. We should have had no problem at all, but due to some errors in directions and me trying to navigate to compensate for the errors, we didn't make it to Sausalito until 8 pm.

Thankfully, the staff was awesome, and were all completely understanding. We were dining with the chef, and he was just making us whatever he wanted.

The 6 course meal was as follows...

1. grape tomatoes filled with cream cheese, feta, and carmelized bacon
tempura crab cake filled mushrooms
2. ahi tuna over quinoa
3. deep fried eggplant with a yellow tomato sauce over greens
4. duck confet with plantain sweet mash over black rice
5. Maker's Mark float(vanilla ice cream with Maker's Mark whiskey)
6. cayenne pepper lava cake with orange fondue. Check the pic and the pic of the happy couple

gosh we are cute...

The drive back to the apartment was much nicer than the drive there, we made it back in 25 minutes.


Sharon said...

the pictures are beautiful. i am enjoying reading about your trip.