Thursday, September 20, 2007

delicious breakfasts, fun outings, bebidas and drings

The food at the West Cliff Inn is as amazing as their staff. Check out Slim's breakfast and a pic of me, eating mine. The homemade granola was my favorite.

My black shoes got left behind after crazy wedding packing, so Slim asked Kelly, our best friend from West Cliff, where we could do some shopping, and she got so excited and told us about a shoe store called Bunny's, which is located on Pacific Avenue. Pacific is a fun street with shops and coffee houses, restaurants and movie theaters. It is so much fun! Sadly there were also homeless people, and people who were just looking for a bit of cash. Check out our favorite!

YES, FOLKS... 'Spare anything so I can get coffee & Pot.' Not a coffee pot, like I first thought, definitely coffee and pot!

Here is me doing some window shopping, and a really fun movie theater.

After shopping on Pacific, Slim and I took a drive down around West Cliff Drive. Check out the view. I also made Slim take a picture of the fattest sea gull that I have ever seen. Check that out too...
I forgot to write about the delicious Mexican Food that Slim and I ate for lunch the first day we got to Santa Cruz. We liked it so much that we went back again. Their english wasn't the best but the food was great. Check out the spelling on the menu and the bill...

The afternoon consisted of taking a nap, and then chatting with a couple from Switzerland. I love how relaxing this vacation has been.

For dinner we went to La Posta, a cute little Italian place where Kari got us the gift certificate. The food was nice and here are some pictures of Slim at the table and me with the Vespa.