Monday, June 16, 2008

Something so great...

Not only is it delicious, but it comes out of a can, and it is organic. What more could you ask for?

I made these the other night, and they turned out fantastically!!! Crisp on the outside, soft in the middle. My dad was telling me and Slim about this wonderful treat this past weekend, and we tasted them in Costco yesterday, and had to have them.

Visit this website to find out more about PANCAKES IN A CAN!!!

(Thanks to Slim for finding these pictures)


Art Teacher said...

Wow, that's amazing!

SlimTronic5000 said...

I actually just finished eating 2 1/2 of these... MAGNIFICENT!

The Dude just finished eating 1/2 of these... he loved thems too.

Everyone should own this stuff. Seriously.

She left out the best part: It's only $3 a can! which makes TWENTY-EIGHT 4" pancakes! Booyah.

The Herrenbrucks said...

Can you find them at Costco? I am absolutely getting some. We LOVE pancake Saturdays!

SlimTronic5000 said...

Actually... you can ONLY find them at Costco.

This product is made in good ol' San Francisco, where they were using those Costco's as a test market.

The release of 'Batter Blaster' in that market was such a success, they are now doing test distributions in a handful of other Costco's across the nation.

We happen to be one of those test markets!!

For waffles and for pancakes too: shake, point and blast is all you do!

Make better breakfast faster: batter blaster!

You can learn more about this life-changing product at their official

Or you can learn more by watching this uber-cheesy video:

So.. go now... and enjoy!

Jess said...

that is so cool...the clean up looks so much easier than making your own!

Nick said...

Thanks for digging the Batter Blaster - I run operations for BB. Just saw your blog posting -- wanted to note that we are actually in many more stores than Costco (our myspace is way out of date) -- you can find us in Albertsons, Raleys, Whole Foods, QFC, Fred Meyer, lots of other stores. the most reliable way to find it is thru the store locator at Thanks!

SlimTronic5000 said...

I stand corrected! I was pulling all of my info from some rather inaccurate places!

Thanks for the head's up, Nick.

Keep doin' what you do! I've already blow through TWO freakin' cans THIS WEEK! (well, me AND the dog anyway...)