Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The last trip to good ole Skip One

Just before my sweet Car and Kev left, we took one (actually two) last trips to Skip One. Here are the pictures from that outing.
We miss you, Car and Kev

Sharing their last piece of the best Key Lime Pie in town.

Kev is one of the freshest shrimp in town!


Jenn said...

Is he pinching her butt!??! Ha ha!

Art Teacher said...

I love these pictures! Kevin looks hilarious in the last one! I actually cried when I saw the key lime pie though!

P.S. I don't believe in periods, only exclamation points! It's like I scream everything!

Liana said...

I love, love, love grouper!
When on our honeymoon on Marco we went down to Everglade City & I had some of the best grouper ever!...must get back there! Jeff had key-lime pie & loved it, too.
Not only that, but have you ever been to Stan's - on a Sunday, what a riot.
mmmm and Joey's pizza...
I could go on & on, of course about food - gotta love being pregnant.