Friday, June 20, 2008

some more good things

I have been trying to find some tangible ways to give back to help people around the world.

Saint's coffee works hand in hand with my friend and yours, Tom Davis, of Red Letters. They are a free-trade coffee company who, for every lb. of coffee purchased, an orphan is fed for a month.

They claim to have the best coffee around, and how great would it be to know that the money you would already normally be spending is going to help a sweet orphan.

To read more about it, go here.


Brandi said...

It IS GREAT!!! We love it! I bought some for Greg and my Dad!

They are great as gifts too!


Anonymous said...

Hey there!

I just put a comment on Slim's page in case he is confused as to who wrote it. :-)


Jake & Heather said...

I just tried your Italian Sweet Cream creamer and it is awesome! xox

Art Teacher said...

That's it, you're on the list until you update!