Monday, June 16, 2008

I love these bugs

Slim and I went to Orlando on Friday night and Saturday to see my dad, for Father's day and to celebrate our sweet Brayden's 4th birthday. We had so much fun with them, but didn't get to take any pictures, but here are some new ones. that Brandi just sent me, of my sweet loves...

Davis and Brayden are the best of friends. It is really exciting to see Bray take such a grown-up leadership roll with his brother and sister but also with dealing with issues that the world is facing. I love hearing his heart for people. Greg and Brandi have done an awesome job of teaching their children to live globally minded.

Davis has really come a long way. His vocabulary is growing by the minute, but his loving personality hasn't changed a bit! He still wants to hug, kiss and hold the people he loves. (I can't get enough of his sweet kisses.)

Look at this pretty little girl. She is no longer a baby... she is a turning into a sweet little girl. (She still has the sass, though) I loved playing with her this past weekend. She is girly and loves to push a stroller around with her baby, but she will also play rough with her brothers. I can't wait to see her grow up, but I want her to stay little forever.

I love these kids. Even when Slim and I have our own... these three little bugs with always be more than special to us!

We love you, Brayden James, G. Davis, and Gracie Lea Ann!


Brandi said...

First of all. . .I knew you were posting about the kids, but I came into your blog from my feed, which listed the "something amazing" post. . figured, that was probably my kids. . then saw the pancake batter. . really confused me and made me laugh! By the way, can't WAIT to get some of that! Anyways. . guess the feeds haven't picked up this post yet!

You are such a great aunt. . I know I tell you all the time, but I get tears in my eyes knowing how much you love my kids. It touches my heart so deeply. Thank you for your sweet words and your love for my kiddos. . they certainly (as we all do) return it!

Love you like crazy!

Art Teacher said...

Brayden looks like the like the big brother and not just because he's the biggest-he just has that look! I love Davis's smile!

SlimTronic5000 said...

The boys definitely take after their Uncle 'Swim'... especially in the humor and good-looks departments...