Wednesday, April 16, 2008


This past weekend, while we were in OH, we finally got to hear Jessica speak at the Supernova Ministries Conference.

It was pretty much a surreal moment for me. It was so strange to hear someone who I grew up with and know very well communicate like that. If I were to have closed my eyes, I might have thought I was listening to Beth Moore, or someone else who had been doing this for many years. I was so impressed.

Jess spoke about being a 'Radiant Light'.

The first session was called "Radiant Legacy." During this hour, she spoke about recognizing and overcoming generational curses. It was an amazing time of seeing women freed from many years of living under the detriment of what people say that you should struggle with because of what people have spoken over your life. I think that Jess definitely summed it up when she said, "It doesn't matter what family line you come from, because you came from HIM!"

On Saturday morning, she spoke on "Radiant Joy". She used the verses 2 Peter 1:3-4. His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness... Basically the concept was that He has given us everything, so if we don't have joy, it is because we have done something with it. We give our joy away over stupid things- We need to claim it when we are starting to get discouraged about things.

Saturday afternoon was the culmination of our time at the conference, and Jess covered the topic of "Radiant Light". I loved the way that she dealt with this idea. She said that every part of her wanted this to just be a fluffy session where we can just focus on the facts that we are lights for Christ. God had something different in mind. She had to discuss the fact that our radiant light won't shine if we are casting shadows or having shadows cast over us. Basically, the words we say to people and the poor feelings that we have toward them make it so that they cannot fully shine in the way that God intended them. Then she moved on to the point that when light is shining, things are brought out of darkness!

It was an incredible conference, and I am so proud of Jess for her heart and commitment to make it happen.

The rest of the weekend was also a blast. We got to spend a lot of time with the guys from the band, and really enjoyed ourselves, and this time it didn't even snow!!!