Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Bought this yesterday and I may be the happiest camper ever.

YOU HAVE TO TRY IT. The taste of cool whip but it looks so much prettier when you use it on desserts! I bought the light variety which of course tasted delicious. Just thought that you might like to know.


Anonymous said...

Cool whip sucks...whip cream is better. Most Likely? ps I still love Slim he is so cute

Laura said...

dear anonymous...

I am not arguing that cool whip is better than whipped cream, I am simply saying that cool whip in a can is better than cool whip in a tub. Also, cool whip is much better on chocolate chip pancakes than whipped cream, but I would never dream of putting cool whip on icecream sundaes. Each has their place.

Brandi said...

I gasped when I saw it. . .what a glorious thing! My family all thinks its a great idea too!

Love you. . come up, and bring a pack of that too. . we'll have your mom make us something to spread it on!