Wednesday, April 30, 2008

just for fun

I am: A wife, a sister, an employee, a manager, a daughter of Earthy parents and a child of a Heavenly Father, a Coffee lover, and friend.
I think: that Florida is such a funny place- you never know what you are going to get with the people here because they are from all over the US.
I know: too little about things that matter
I want: to be a mom
I wish: I would know the right decisions to make
I hate: avocado, garbanzos, and uncooked onions
I miss: my Hams, my friends who live far away, and my family
I fear: birds
I feel: cold and hungry
I hear: nothing but the air conditioner
I smell: the citrus air freshener
I crave: chips and salty things like everyday!
I search: new blogs and spy on people who don't know that I read theirs
I regret: a lot of things, but press on to make good decisions
I love: Jesus (and Slim, the Dude, family and friends)
I ache: for Africa
I care: too much about things that don't matter
I always: count things
I am not: happy with how messy my car is right now
I believe: that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior who died on the cross to bring glory to His Father and rose again to offer his gift of salvation
I sing: all the time, but not in the shower
I cry: a lot, but am trying to only cry over things that matter
I fight: or try to with Slim, but he always makes me laugh and I can't be mad at him
I write: messages on Facebook, quite often
I win: a lot at ping pong
I lose: my phone in my purse everyday... it is a big purse
I never: like being home without Slim being there
I confuse: Slim- sometimes I think he thinks that I am crazy
I listen: to my mom's voice over and over in my head.."bridges ice first" "always send thank you cards" "is your seat belt buckled?"
I can usually be found: at work or in my car
I am scared: of birds... didn't I answer this one already?
I need: a cleaning lady, or a cleaning partner, someone to do it with me
I am happy about: the fact that Heather and Jacob are coming to visit tomorrow
I hope: to become a mom soon
I am tagging: Carly, Heather, Brandi, and Ashley Danielle


SlimTronic5000 said...

I've never met anyone so perfect...

Jenn said...

I love that you shared so much, and I miss keeping in touch with you!! You will become a mommy when the timing is right. God's just waiting for the perfect time. I hope you and Slim can enjoy you and Slim until there are little Gillians running around the house :)

Brandi said...

Cute! I love it. . and actually did it!

Love you,
PS You didn't write that you are: the most amazing aunt ever!

Sheri said...

HI Laura! Very fun....I saw a mom theme:) If you are like I remember ( which I think you are:)) You will be great when the time comes....

Happy May!!!!

Tessa said...

im gonna do it.