Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This season's favorites...

So, every year from January to May, my life is consumed by American Idol. I would love to say that I have self control, but in actuality I am addicted. I live my life based on the schedule of Idol!

Here are my favorites this season!

Brooke White: She is a unique girl with a great family upbringing. I love her voice, and her sweet spirit! Definitely a front runner in my eyes!

Carly Smithson: She is my top choice right now. I love her funky style. She was born in Ireland but now lives in San Diego and her husband is a tattoo artist. LOVE HER!

David Archuleta: Youngest in the competition, but by far the strongest male voice. Last night was the first time that I didn't love his song, but I am pretty sure that his fan base will keep him in the running!

Jason Castro: He is a talented musician with a charming personality! He seems really down to earth and very takes the criticism well. I am not a fan of dread locks, but on him they work!

Michael Johns: Oh I love his accent! He is extremely consistent and has a wonderful voice. My favorite guy in the competition!

Who do you like this season?


Liana said...

Ah yes - I, too, am a BIG fan of Brooke, and David and Jason... I think those would be my top 3, in that order.

How funny, my life too seems consumed once again by AI.
It's the "thing to do" here in cold, Western NY!

Brandi said...

Definitely Brooke! She just has such a sweet spirit!


Anonymous said...

I think Slim could win AI he is so cute all the women would swoon.

Art Teacher said...

I like Carly b/c she has a really cool name. I also like Jason b/c he looks like an angel and sings like one too.

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

You have the same favorites I do! Looking forward to the singing tonight!