Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The love of my life...

I love this man! He is such a blessing to so many people, but the thing that I love most about him is that he is passionate.
He is passionate about so many things...
The Dude
His family
My family
life change
and of course Dustin Burke
His recent passion has sort of taken over our life. It gives him something to do in ALL of his spare time (which isn't that much). Slim loves Airsoft. I know, I know it seems weird, but the guy loves shooting cans, targets, and even his own leg. He is nuts!
It has really been fun for him to go and play. He went this past Sunday to play with a sqaud in Naples... If you are interested in joining him, pop him an email. He will set you all up:)


Brandi said...

Oh my! He is a hoot!

Love you. . call you soon!

Jessica said...

The fact that Dustin made it to Slim's "list of things he is passionate about" Is just making me laugh!

SlimTronic5000 said...

You're crazy...