Monday, March 10, 2008


We had the most fantastic weekend in Dayton, OH with our dear friends the Burkes.

Here is what happened...

Carly dropped us off at the airport at 5pm on Thursday afternoon, we waited in line at Airtran and decided that we were going to be upgrading to business class. (one of our better ideas) Our flights there were fantastic, and we landed in Dayton at midnight, collected our bags, and met Jessica at the curb. There was no snow on the ground at all. We arrived to her house and went to bed.

Friday morning, we woke up nice and early so that Slim could see Dustin before he went to work. When we looked out the window, we saw that the ground was white. There was about 2 inches by that point. Dustin headed off to work, and Tyler to school. Jess was working very hard because it just so happened that that day, there was a strike and she had to schedule all the security for the strike, on top of studying her notes and answering a million phone calls asking if the conference was still on. Dustin arrived back home after about an hour... the roads were awful! At this point, the snow was coming down fast! Slim and Dustin went downstairs to play music, and Tyler arrived home from school early, because every school in the area was closing. At about 1:30, Jess made the final decision that the conference needed to be postponed. There was a level 2 snow emergency, and despite our excitement about the conference, we knew that this was for the best! The boys headed out to guitar center to look at some stuff, and we just relaxed.
When the guys got home, we took the kids and played in the snow with them. It was just a quick outing because it was sooo cold! At around 6pm, Jess and I decided that we should try our hardest to get out to the grocery store, because we hadn't been there yet. We drove real slow, and got there safe and sound. We picked up dinner, got home, cooked it, played the Wii and then went to bed!

On Saturday, Jess and I cooked a big family breakfast while the boys played music. We ate eggs, turkey bacon, and breakfast potatoes! It was delicious. Dustin, Slim, and Matt (a guy in Dustin's band) had planned on going to the studio to record an arrangement that Slim put together. There was about 1.5 feet at this point, so we encouraged them to be safe and go slow. Before they got to pick up Matt, they had to help a man get his car out of a ditch. They were such good Samaritans! Back at the house, the kids played upstairs together and Jess and I just hung out in our pajamas, ALL DAY! They guys were gone about 8 hours, and Jess and I had cooked a whole chicken all day, in the crockpot. Jess shared a recipe for Mexican lasagna, and we used the chicken to make it. We at dinner at about 8pm, when the guys got home, and we reminisced about old times while the guys played the Wii.

I forgot that we were supposed to turn the clocks ahead for Sunday and when I woke up and looked at my phone, it said 9:30. I couldn't believe that I had slept that long... really it was just 8:30 to my body, and that made much more sense. Living Water Worship Center (the Burke's church) had to cancel, because no one knew how bad Sunday would be. We decided to visit Matt's church. It was a really great, laid back service, and God's presence was very evident! After church we took the Burke's to lunch at Bravo- DAAAALICIOUS! After lunch we had to go home and pack and get ready to leave. Slim checked the flights and we found out that our flight out of Dayton was delayed 45 minutes making us certain to miss our flight in Atlanta. There was no luck though, we had to fly out to Atlanta because all the Dayton flights for today were over booked. They upgraded our seats to business class for our flight yesterday, and when we arrived in Atlanta, they gave us a voucher for a hotel room, and booked us in business class this morning.

We are back now, and back to work. There are many pictures that I will be uploading tonight, so be sure to check back later, to see those!


Anonymous said...

I am happy you are home safe and sound. I hope the cold and snow cured Slim of ever wanting to move north. Glad you had such a nice time with Jess's family.
Love ya,Mom

Jessica said...

WOW!!! hehehe...told you I had to write that! We had SO much fun with you guys and we miss you already!!! I will let you know the new dates of the conference as soon as we book it. Love you

Anonymous said...

I love slim he is sooooo cute. Glad you had a good time in OH-IO. Where is my skyline chili packets. Most Likely, The Glogger