Saturday, November 29, 2008

I tagged...

Ashley Danielle, but she already did it. I was too late. :)


Teri said...

3 Things to Cheer You Up:

1. Batter Blaster will be buy one get one FREE at Publix starting Thursday! No matching Q's for it though...still a good deal!

2. I'm done shopping for my three seniors. It was so fun. Even though I got their names off of the tree at Moe's Gulf Coast Town Center, can I leave them under the Moe's tree in Naples?

3. You've got to come to CVS with me and make some money, girl! This month you have the potential to MAKE $10 buying some stuff if it's in stock. Then you can buy other people fab Christmas gifts for less! Think: Ove Gloves!

Teri said...

PS - I just saw on your blog here that you can drop off at Sunshine Pharmacy. Can I drop off at the one out here in the estates?