Saturday, November 29, 2008

after a long hiatus...

... I am back.

There are many reason why I have been gone, but I will not bore you with them. Sadly the biggest reason is that I cannot find my battery charger for my camera. Sometimes I think that it is impossible to post without pictures, but in the mean time, we will have to make it work. Instead of trying to catch you up with life for the past few weeks, I figure, why not move on to Christmas. Thanks Carly, for posting this so that I can get back into the blogging swing.

1. WRAPPING PAPER OR GIFT BAGS ? I love to wrap presents and put them under the tree... unless it is for Be a Santa to a Senior, then bags are best, because wrapping 1000 gifts is a bit overkill.
2. REAL TREE OR ARTIFICIAL ? Well, if you remember my tree from last year... it was gorgeous until it fell over. Slim decided that it is too big for our house, so I am hoping that we can get something smaller, but as of right now we have no money, so we may be going without. :(
3. WHEN DO YOU PUT UP THE TREE? Just after Thanksgiving.
4. WHEN DO YOU TAKE THE TREE DOWN? Just after New Year's.
5. DO YOU LIKE EGGNOG ? More than I should.
6. FAVORITE GIFT RECEIVED AS A CHILD ? I pretty much loved everything that I got, but I always loved getting games, and still do.
7. HARDEST PERSON TO BUY FOR ? People who I don't know very well, but decide to get me a gift and then I have to get one for them... hard.
8. EASIEST PERSON TO BUY FOR ? My nephews and niece. I think that it is way more fun to buy for the kids.
9. DO YOU HAVE A NATIVITY SCENE ? I have three...A precious moment collectible one that my mom had since I was little, a fancy schmancy one that my aunt and uncle gave us for a wedding gift- it was probably really expensive, but it's not really my style- I put it out anyway, and last but not least, the new Willow Tree one that my mom got me this year... I love it!
10. MAIL OR EMAIL CHRISTMAS CARDS ? Cards, I love to send and receive cards... I am trying to get Slim to take a picture with us and the dogenstiens to send out, but again, no camera battery.
11. WORST CHRISTMAS GIFT YOU EVER RECEIVED ? When I was in 5th grade, I got a Barbie magazine, A BARBIE MAGAZINE for a 5th grader for a gift exchange, come on people. I brought a gumball machine, the best present ever... (I am still bitter)
12. FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MOVIE ? It's a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, Elf, HOME ALONE, The Holiday, and pretty much a million more.
13. WHEN DO YOU START SHOPPING FOR CHRISTMAS ? I usually have it all done by now, but we are broke this year, so we are taking our time.
14. HAVE YOU EVER RECYCLED A CHRISTMAS PRESENT ? only nice ones, but not back to the people who gave it to me:)
16. LIGHTS ON TREE ? Is there any other way?
17. FAVORITE CHRISTMAS SONG ? Mary, Did you know?
18. TRAVEL AT CHRISTMAS OR STAY HOME ? Travel, someday when we have kids, maybe people will come here.
20. OPEN THE PRESENTS CHRISTMAS EVE OR MORNING ? Christmas Eve with Slim's family, Christmas Day with mine
21. MOST ANNOYING THING ABOUT THIS TIME OF YEAR ? When people get too overwhelmed and forget to enjoy Jesus.
22. FAVORITE ORNAMENT THEME OR COLOR ? All things that bring back memories. Last year when the tree fell, we saved ones that were sentimental, even though they were broken so we will always be reminded of our crazy, first Christmas.
23. FAVORITE FOOD FOR CHRISTMAS DINNER ? Mom always out does herself... so anything she makes.
24. WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR ? Nothing really. I am pretty content.
25. WHO IS MOST LIKELY TO RESPOND TO THIS? I hope lots of people do it, because I love reading these crazy things.
26. WHO IS LEAST LIKELY TO RESPOND ? Agreeing with Carly: I'd say Kari, b/c who knows where she went?!?! Someone help us find her!

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