Sunday, September 7, 2008

This is my 200th post


Here is the countdown for September

1. Slim leaves for Tennessee in 4 days (so sad)
2. Ashley Danielle's birthday is in 4 days (so happy)
3. My mom comes in 5 days (fun)
4. She leaves in 9 days (sad again)
5. I go to Tennessee in 11 days and reunite with my dear love(exciting)
6. In 13 days I see the JONES Family (HIP HIP HOORAY)

(I am hoping that I can update you really soon that there was another exciting thing that happens really soon, for example, the birth of the long awaited, Liberty Rose Jones)

Hope that your September is just as exciting...

By the way, Slim and I have been celebrating our anniversary all weekend, but just spending so much time together. He has the opportunity to go to see family this week, so we will miss the actual day, but we have the big VA trip to make up for lost time. In case you didn't know, he is the greatest husband, EVER!


The Busy Bee said...

Yay for much fun to come! :)

Happy Almost Anniversary!

Art Teacher said...

Woohoo, wahoo!

Art Teacher said...

by the way, I only have 157 entries. Didn't we start at the same time!?

Art Teacher said...

Actually, I started a week before you. I'm a slacker.

Art Teacher said...

You must update!

orlando cabrera said...

200 posts...way to go!!! God Bless You.