Thursday, May 28, 2009

Some New Aprons that you might not be able to live without...

A little girl apron

Butterflies and Strawberries

For the Cat Lover

Brown and aqua

For the cow lover

Tutti Fruiti mommy and me set

Country Roosters

Some Red Flowers

Brown with aqua pattern

Traditional black and white


For the pig lover

All aprons are custom made, so if you are interested, hope over to to find out how to order yours today!


Anonymous said...

The red one, the cows, the chickens and pigs are all gone but may be able to do more if anyone is interested. Love you, Mom

Brittani said...

Your mom is soooo talented! I love them... if you are going to be in town on June 11th, you are welcome to come to my Aprons for Africa Party :) It is going to be so much fun! Let me know...

Sarah Marie said...

The apron with the butterflies and strawberries is WAY cute! Love it!