Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ten Things

I am loving right now.

1. Organic break and bakes. The other day I was in Publix, and saw these cookies. I noticed that they were only $2.00, but had no reason to make them. Yesterday, my sweet friend Ashley was having a neck ache, so I decided that I would pick them up and bring them to her house, to try them.

THEY WERE AWESOME. I turned the Vanilla Sugar Cookies into delicious Snicker doodles by adding organic sugar and cinnamon. MMMM.

My number one is Immaculate Consumption Cookies. Check out their website to find out more about this fantastic company. Here are the pictures from the baking adventure.

2. Things smelling like fall.
When it is fall, things should look, feel, and smell like fall. Right now, I want all things in the office and at home to do that. When Slim and I were in VA, we popped into this cute store called "Sense and Sensibility" and picked up a candle that was on sale. It smells great, and reminds me that we will not be in this 80+ degree weather much longer. We bought one of Carman's fantastic soy candles... and love it.

3. All things pumpkin.
To piggy back off number two. I love the tastes of fall. I have been making the pumpkin cookies like any chance I get. I am going to make them for my dad this weekend, when I am in Orlando. YUMMY! Here is the picture one more time.

4. MTV online.
This my friends, is one of those things that I don't like to admit, but I love 'The Hills'. Since Slim and I moved to San Carlos Park, we don't get full cable, so I don't get to watch that show all 100 times that they have it on during the week. Luckily, lets me watch it whenever I want. I usually check Lauren and Heidi out on Tuesdays when I get home from work.

BTW, can't Heidi just dump Spencer already?

5. Getting ready to Be a Santa to a Senior.
You may remember this from last year. Home Instead Senior Care, the company that I work for, sets up trees around the community so that people can sponsor gifts for seniors in our area. This year it is our hope to provide 750 gifts to seniors in SW Florida. If you are from this area, stop by your local Moe's SW Grill, or Sunshine Pharmacy, and pick a name or two off the tree and buy something nice for someone in need. The trees go up November 1st and I have been busy filling out the ornaments. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

6. Cranium
I know that this game has been around for years, but my husband just played for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Since then, Slim and I bring it where ever we go, and try and get everyone to play with us. I love games in general, and this one is just really fun! Slim always wins, but I think it is because he cheats!

7. People's generosity.
As you know, Slim and I have had a rough month, financially. God has blessed us through this time, more than we could have ever imagined. We have had anonymous donations, family members being more than generous, a church family member making us a delicious lasagna meal, friends taking us to dinner, friends having us over for dinner, and so much more. You all mean the world to us. Thank you so much!

8. Photography websites
I could spend all day looking through websites of photographers. I love to check out their style along with the people that they shoot. Slim says I have a problem, and that it is weird to look at people who I don't know, but I like it. Here are some of the recent ones that I have found.
and of course my all time fav:

9. Nature Valley Granola Bars.
Ok, so I have loved these since college, but I bought some to send with Slim, on his journey to TN, and my love was rekindled. I love how crunchy and delicious they are... even though Ashley Allbee told me if it has the word crunchy in it, it is probably not good for you... hmmm. Yesterday Slim broke up the bars and had them with milk (semi-homemade granola cereal :))

10. Baked Apples
Again with all things fall, I love apples. I wish I was up north so that I could apple picking with my darling friends, instead I have to buy apples for insanely marked up prices. At any rate, I have been baking Jonagold apples with honey, cinnamon, a little brown sugar, spray butter, and nutmeg. They are so delicious that I would eat them every night. This is a picture perfect NY Jonagold apple. Ooh how I love them.

I must be loving more things 'right now' than last time, because this was much easier. What are you loving right now?


The Busy Bee said...

oooh love a ton of those!
Especially all things pumpkin and fall candles!--and our cookies!

Jake & Heather said...

Couple things, first the pumpkin cookies are amazing. Tonight I am making the pumpkin ginger nut muffins and the cookies. LOVE them. Second, I didn't know that Jonagold was your fave, it is totally my fave and that is funny. I did pick about 15 pounds of them last week and I'm already running out. Third, did you see the newer cranium game? It's hilarious...but I can't think of the name of it bc its weird. Fourth, I love you and miss you. xo