Monday, February 11, 2008

Fresh Water in Africa and Cambodia

Last Sunday, the staff at Summit gave each person who was at church a bottle of water. On that water was a label that stated that over 1.1 billion people in the world still do not have clean water. We live in a country where we can just turn the handle on the faucet and have water that flows. We buy water because we don't always like the way that our water tastes- sometimes we even spend over 2 dollars on water because we think that it tastes better than the others.

We were challenged to give what we had on us to help every man, woman, and child... There is a mission that works with our ministries in Cambodia (Kampuchea for Christ) and Kenya (Help the Least of These). They can provide a water purifcation system to the families there. For only $20 they can have clean water for a full year. For some of us, we could spend $20 on a cheap dinner out.

I love the heart of Summit. I love the heart of the people who call it home, and those who were just visiting. With the spur of the moment call to help these people, over $7000 was raised in order to give water to every man, woman, and child.

Living missionally is not always packing up your belongings and moving to a third world country. I must admit there have been many times that I wanted God to call me to that, but I can live missionaly everyday. My challenge to you is to find something to which you can give your heart. I love this idea of water purification... maybe that is what God is asking me to pursue.

Being missional is not just meeting spiritual needs, but also helping with the everyday pressing needs.

Just some thoughts...


Brandi said...

first of all, sweet new blog layout! Is it Matiekay?

Yes, the water thing gets me everytime. I spend many evenings researching well projects in Africa and the organizations that do them!

Love you and your sweet heart for others,