Monday, January 14, 2008

Speak Photography!

Ashley Danielle (Speak Photography) is so talented. She is still in college, but has really got it together when it comes to photography. This past Saturday and Sunday was promo-weekend. Here are a couple of my shots from then. You can view her blog from my favorites. She is so sweet, and will be marrying her highschool sweetheart this summer!

Ashley will be doing some photos for Men of Honour. Stay tuned for those.
Enjoy these, in the meantime.

You can access all her photos at


Brandi said...

This is the second person to prove what my family has always known. . that'd you end up a model!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Am I to believe that the caption under pic #1 would imply that you are the beauty of nature? Seems that you think more highly than you ought...beautiful nerd

Jan said...

I am guessing that last comment was from you oldest brother! He has such a way with words.

Jenn said...

I love the pics, the cowgirl one is cute too. I also saw the pic of you and slim, lovin the glasses and slim is looking slim!

Sheri said...

WOO HOO look at you!!!!

Happy Belated New year!!!

Tessa said...

oh laur, these are great!!! i love em. i went ahead and checked out the rest of the photos she posted on her blog....too cute! i loved em. hehe, she said "and check out her new classes" (classes? really, she teaches again? yes, yes i konw she meant Glasses, with a g. but thats just me kicking in.) she doesnt know it. im too afraid to tell her. because i dont know her. and that would be strange. "hey, nice pics. you have a typo. wow, get it straight!" yeah, no. maybe yyou should go back to teaching and teach her how to spell. ok that was mean but i was TOTALLY JOKING! speak photographer, you are great. ye though you cannot spell, you are GREAT!
sorry. mean again. just messing with her. ah, rambles.

Speak Photography said...

Thanks Laura!!
(its Ash)
I appreciate it!

and sorry for the GLASSES typo :D