Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Follow-up from yesterday's post

James 1:5

If you want to know what God wants you to do- ask him, and he will gladly tell you.

Since Slim's gear loss. He has really been seeking God to find out what He wants for him. Last night he played his final show with Grey No More, a local band that he has played with for a while now. The musicians are all guys that he has played with for years, but about 8 months ago, they formed an official band. Slim knew that when the gear was taken, that he would be only playing with them one more time. He is even taking some time off of playing for Sunday morning worship.

This will hopefully give Slim more time to press into what God really wants from the talent that He has given my wonderful husband.

Slim has such a special gifting, both musically and personality wise. He will be missed on the stage, but we are excited to have time for him to write some music and be able to get back to the place where God him to be.

God, please show us what you want us to do.


heather said...

Hey, that is so crazy. Just knowing you though, I'm sure that you will make the best out of it and learn so much. Like Jake says, there's more of God in the room than any one of us. I've been thinking of you tons. Just call me when you get time, I never seem to have a minute, but if you call, I will MAKE time! Don't worry, if I'm asleep, you know the phone won't wake me up! And my kids are the same way...I've trained them well. xoxoxoxoox Love you! H