Monday, November 5, 2007


Over $30,000 worth of food was purchased within a 2.5 hour period to stock not just 2 but 3 food pantries in the SW Florida area. That was over 25,000 lbs of supplies!

I will work on the video.

Way to live generously, Summit!

Right now there are two teams out... one in Kenya and one in Russia. Please pray for these groups, as they will be gone for about two weeks. The team in Kenya is working with Help the Least of These... the same mission that Slim did his work with this past summer. If you haven't read about his time there, be sure to visit his blog and learn all about his trip.


Tessa said...

Yes, please Mrs. Gillian! Work on the video! Its a shame, I never got to see it!

i love you.