Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It has been a while...

so here is what I am loving right now.

1. Sinful Clothing.

Well I have loved Sinful for a while, but as of late, I have decided that it is all that I want to wear when I am not in work. Sadly it is way too expensive, but I did get this exact shirt from Marshall's and it was only $24. On the official website was $66. Hooray for sales! Now you may think it is weird that I would wear a shirt that said "sinful" on it, but it has actually been a great conversation started to share Christ with people, ya know, since "all have sinned..."

2. Soda Water and Blackberry

I had this for the first time at Chili's and it was awesome, and now I have had it twice at Macaroni Grill. It is delicious and refreshing!

3. Bakerella

The last post pretty much explained this, but seriously, how awesome is this lady? This past week she turned peeps into peep-achus. I mean come on!

4. Lush

If you aren't familiar with Lush, you should be. They make and sell bath and beauty products that are 100% vegetarian, made by hand and never tested on animals. Not only that, but they have really cool marketing ideas and you truly feel that they care about you. Everything that they send you is personalized by the person who made and packaged it. Slim's birth father and his wife sent me a gift card to Lush, for Christmas, and above are the items that I purchased. A solid shampoo and Conditioner. They just came yesterday, so I will let you know how I feel about them soon.

5. Dream Cream from Lush

This stuff was given to me by my wonderful brother-in-law. It has changed my skin and my life. I don't think that I will ever use another body cream. Not only is it super creamy and smooth, but it also smells of Cocoa Butter, and who doesn't love that? (If you live in SW Florida, there is a Lush in Edison Mall!!!)

6. Mary Hines Cake Balls

Um, the idea came from Bakerella, but the delightful taste came from Mary Hines. Oh my gosh, are they good!!! I had them at the Grand Opening of the Red Box/ Ashley Brockinton studio.

7. Ashley Allbee's nature work

If you know my friend Ashley, then you know that she loves a few thing... her hubby, tea, photography, and nature. (I am sure that she loves more than that, but those stick out to me) If you are looking for some really cool nature art, please contact her, and I am sure that she would be willing to sell you some.

8. The Love Alliance

You might be familiar with a tv show on MTV called Engaged and Underage. Well their first couple, Lauren and David Ranzino, started a foundation called "The Love Alliance." The Love Alliance is a non-profit association that does their best to eliminate social injustices. I love what they are doing, and love that they are making a difference! (Random piece of info- Jubilee and co are doing a Raw TV spot today with Lauren and David, and we are really excited to be linking up with them to make a difference)

9. Babybel cheese

Random I know, but it is simply delish!

10. My pandora bracelet

Now this one isn't exactly mine, but I am hoping that one day, mine will be filled to the brim with charms that represent things that are important to me. The amazing ladies at my work started this bracelet for my birthday, and since then I have 3 beads. A pink glass one with polka dots (for the ladies who I work with), a tulip (for Home Instead Senior Care), and a heart (for God, Slim, and love in general). So if you are looking to get me a gift (haha) I would love some more beads!


The Busy Bee said...

thanks for promoting/being a fav your the best!
i'm checking out lush as we speak now!
mmmmm i need to do a 10 things now!
<3 you

Art Teacher said...

I have a coupon for that cheese. I will mail it to you today! I miss you. Please visit me, I'll take you to Williamsburg and we can wear the clothing of yesteryear!

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