Thursday, February 26, 2009

10 things that I am loving right now...

1. The Bachelor.
I have an addiction, folks. I don't even really like the people on the show, but I have to watch. This Monday is the finale, but I am pretty sure that there is more drama to come... I will be watching this Monday at my friend Cherie's house. You should be watching too.

2. My new mascara.

I was telling Carly last week that I was in need of new mascara, but the one that I love from MAC was just a little too much for me to spend right now. Carly told me about Colossal Mascara from Maybelline, and the stuff works like a champ. It's like I am wearing false eyelashes.

3. Amber Kirkland's iced tea.

This girl can make some sweet tea. She makes an orange spiced iced tea that is to die for. Slim and I both love it, and get so excited to go to their house, because that means that we get to drink it!

4. Chocolate Banana Vivanno from Starbucks.

Last week, I got to have tea with my darling Ashley Allbee. It had been too long. As you know, Slim and I are trying to be good. Being that I was hungry but didn't want to splurge on any of the goodies at Starbucks, I decided to try their Chocolate Banana... and it was awesome. I have had another since then, and it has made my day. I had one for breakfast this morning, and it filled me up because of the protein and the whole banana inside. (5pts on Weight Watchers... but could be a meal substitute for sure)

5. Scrabble on my phone.

I play it non-stop, even when I am driving sometimes. (Don't tell my mom) I play it on every commericial, while "resting" in the restroom, and basically anytime I am free. In case you were wondering "xi", "za", and "qi" are all words.

6. Crispy Fried Green Beans.

I haven't had them in a while, because again, Slim and I are watching what we eat, but these things call my name all the time. What a clever idea to batter and fry green beans. Apparently the ones at PF Chang are da-lish. We have never had them there, but have had them other places and loved them. Maybe on our next splurge night, we can get some from Changs, and I will report how delisicous they are.

7. Wax Bottles.

Childish, I know, but they are a fun and tasty treat, and you can eat the whole bag for only one point. Gotta love that!!! The green ones are my favorite, and for some reason they always skimp on those(even though you couldn't tell that from this picture). Slim taught me the technique of how to get all the juice out without losing any! Any time he goes to CVS to get anything, I get wax bottles as a special prize...He is amazing!

8. The pictures from my new camera.

I know you have been waiting for pictures from the new camera. I have too. The MAC charger is in the mail, so soon enough folks. In the meantime, I dumped all the pictures onto Michael Kirkland's laptop, and he posted this picture to facebook. Just you wait until I post the consecutive shots of Jubilee acting like a hampster. Slim is going to make it into a .gif for me so that it acts like a video. IT IS AWESOME! (please note, this is not the best from my camera... they are to come)

9. A healthy Dude.

If you didn't hear, our dog Dude was really sick and lost nearly 30 lbs. since Christmas. He had to have surgery because the vet was certain that there was something in his stomach that was obstructing other things from passing through. The morning of the surgery they thought that it might be a tumor, and if it was, they would probably have to put him down right away. Talk about sad days. Despite a costly surgery, there was a great outcome. Dude didn't have a tumor, just a piece of hard plastic lodged in the path of the intestine. Now he is home, on puppy food to gain weight, and happy. The picture above is pre-surgery, obviously.

10. Norman Gentle.

I know it is weird, but Slim and I both like the comedic acts of Mr. Nick Mitchell aka. Norman Gentle. We hope that he makes it through so we can keep enjoying the humor that is Nick/Norman. Last night, as Idol was on, I was laughing so hard... it was the best. He is an average singer with a ton of personality, and though he might not be our next American Idol, he will be remembered.

What are you loving right now?


Jessica said...

I am loving you!! I am not loving that I don't know how to post pics to my blog!!

It's The Bullocks said...

Tell me more about this Vivanno.....

Art Teacher said...

Every I open your blog there is a giant picture of a man staring at me and I'm it's a little startling. I love that wax bottles are on your ten things and that you know their point value!

Teri said...

I LOVE Norman Gentle too. I was so bummed he didn't make it through. I called in and voted for him for the first time EVER in my whole life. I'd never voted before. Maybe he'll be a "wild card" choice....

The Arnold Family said...

Wow, I'm so sad I don't even know who that American Idol guy is and the finale tomorrow will be only the 2nd bachelor I've seen this season! Must carve out some tv time!! Question, is the mascara clumpy? Tried volumax lately and it's a little clumpy...Love you, and love when you post 10 things! xo

The Arnold Family said...

Amber do you make this amazing iced tea? Can you please put it on the recipe blog?!?

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