Tuesday, August 26, 2008

back from the past

This past weekend I traveled to Syracuse, NY for a visit to my Alma mater. I am shocked that 1o years has gone by and that so many of my dear friends are all over the country doing amazing things.

Here are some pictures... More will come soon!

The first day that I was there, we went to Heid's, you have read about this before... but I couldn't write about my trip without telling you how delicious the coney was! YOU HAVE NO IDEA how great it tasted!

That night, Jess and I were blessed by a delicious dinner at Outback with her mom and Mady. Even though Slim and I go there all the time, it was still awesome to be together.

On Friday, Sarah joined Jess and me, and we went to the Great New York State Fair! It was hot, but really fun! Here are a few pictures from that outing!

Friday night, I met up with some other friends to go to Chief's game. Tom had tickets, so we got in free, plus it was "cap night", so we got free hats. Totally a fun time, and Tom caught a fly ball, that almost hit me in the face! The picture is not good, but there should be more coming... just waiting for Heather to upload hers.

Saturday started the reunion events. We toured FHS and had a ball just sharing memories and laughing about old times.

After our tour, we headed for lunch at the Brooklyn Pickle! (this was probably my favorite time. ) I hadn't laughed that hard in so long! What a blast!

After lunch, Jess, Heather, and I went to Carousel Mall, which is soon to be Destiny, USA. It will be a 'green' mall! Awesome! Brett met up with us, and we really had a fantastic time! We brought Heather to her house, and then to the hotel to get ready for the dinner. It was at Syracuse Suds...

On Sunday morning, Jess and I went to Missio Church. It was AWESOME! The guys are doing a great job. If you live in Syracuse, you should check it out. It is meeting at the Palace Theater.

Time with the old friends was more than I expected it to be! I love all of them dearly, and can't wait until we can be together again.


Art Teacher said...

Woohoo a new post! I'm glad the ball didn't hit your face!

Sheri said...

WOW! How fun! I am jealous! Last year for my 10 year reunion I was moving from Chicago to Milwaukee so we couldn't go:( boo hoo....maybe at 15 or 20 years?! how sad is that.....Looks like you all had a blast though-