Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to my very best...

Carly Jo Jones. I love you like crazy! You are the best friend anyone could ask for and I am so glad that you get to be mine. I feel bad for people who don't know you, and honestly couldn't imagine my life without you in it!

You are an amazing mother, wife, and friend and I am so thankful that despite the fact that you life more than 14 hours away, we can still stay as close as we are.

Thank you for talking sense into me when I am being ridiculous, for standing by me when I need support, and for listening to me when I gripe!

I was so mad at God when he moved you and Kevin away from us, but I know that God has done amazing things in your life there in Ashland! I can't wait until November when we can see each other again, and pray that someday we can live close enough to grab coffee on a regular basis.

Have the best 21st birthday! ;)

I love you!


Art Teacher said...

I love you too friend thanks for this sweet post on this my 21st birthday!