Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Re-cap

God is so good, isn't He?

Slim and I had our best Christmas yet. We loved being with our families, and had a fantastic time together. I honestly cannot believe that it has come and gone!

We started out our festivities at the first annual Buzzilian Christmas party. Now it might seem strange being that every week, we go to the Buzzard's house anyway, but we had a wonderful evening, like always. Here are some pics of our time with them around Christmas!

I don't have any pictures from our Christmas Eve adventures, but here are some from Orlando.

Me helping the sweetlings open some gifts.

The boys and their remote control car. Brayden had been asking for one for months. He got it, and Uncle Slim was just as excited as they were. When we bought it for them, Slim was like overjoyed at the capability of this thing!
Here is Melinda and me, excited about our gifts. Notice her apron, my mom makes them, if you are interested, she is donating the money to Uganda and what God is doing there.
Me and my presh nephew Brayden.
The kids shop for all the adults each year. They go to the dollar store and pick out our gifts. Brayden was so excited about the gift he got for Uncle Slim, that he even told him "you are going to laugh so hard, because it is the best gift in the whole world." Yes, it is a toilet bowl cleaner!

This guy takes after his Uncle Slim. Davis, keep playing!!!

Look at this sweet snuggly pants :) Gracie in all her cuteness.

Uncle Mike and Melinda rocking out to Jimmy's Guitar Hero, and Davis loving every minute of it!

I love my sweet friends and family, and am so thankful for them. It was wonderful to be all together!


Art Teacher said...

I get so excited when you update! Loved all the pictures. I especially love that Brayden gave Uncle Slim a toilet brush! Love you.

The Arnold Family said...

YES! 3 cheers for updates! Whose house are you at? It is so nice! I love FL. Glad you had the best Christmas yet and YES I need one of those aprons for Uganda. Sign me up for Melinda's or whatever one you love!