Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random Things from Facebook

**Note the above picture was taken in March... should I go back to that cut?

1. I love that my husband is a musician: I really love everything about music and am not the best at it, so since my husband is, I get to be involved by default.
2. I have a problem with reality TV... besides Heroes, it is all that I watch. (American Idol, The Bachelor, The City, The Hills, John and Kate plus 8... the list goes on)
3. When Carly moved, she took part of me with her. If I talk to her everyday I can convince myself that she isn't 1000 miles away.
4. Even though I am grown up and haven't been out dancing in about 4 years, if you brought the HAMS together right now, that is probably what we would do, and I would be so happy.
5. I constantly look at people's pictures that they add to Facebook... if you are my friend, I have seen all your albums. It is a compulsive issue- I am working on it.
6. I really have only ever wanted to be a mom- soon I hope.
7. I am so glad that facebook has reconnected me with Gidge, Erin, and Ang, three of my best friends from my highschool years.
8. If I am in the car, then I am on the phone. Every morning I talk to my mom on the way to work, and Carly or Jessica Burke get me on the way home.
9. I read blogs everyday. If you don't have one, you should start one so that I can read about your life, and look at all your pictures. (www.justsomeoflaurasramblings.blogspot.com)
10. I love to bake, but don't do it, because Slim and I are trying to lose weight.
11. Cupcakes are my favorite treat. White cupcake with white frosting...mmm- I get that from my mom.
12. My wedding was the best wedding that I have ever been to... no joke and not just because it was mine.
13. Slim and I fell in love with Santa Cruz, CA. I hope that once the economy starts looking up, we can go back there and stay at the West Cliff Inn again.
14. I adore the people that we have met since Slim has been playing with Jubilee and co. They are amazing and challenge Slim and me in our relationships with the Lord.
15. I miss Ashley Allbee... I haven't seen her since like November and we live like 5 minutes from each other. Let's fix that friend!
16. Thursday morning girl's study is the best... even though it comes really early. We started with 6 ladies, and 3 moved away. Mel, Abs and I are staying strong.
17. I am in love with my niece and nephews. I am so thankful that despite the three hours apart, I still get to see them about every month.
18. My cousin Melinda is like a sister. I wish that Chicago was really close, so that we could see each other more than once or twice per year.
19. I am really glad that Joe is an employee of Slimline Visual Communication because Alex and I have gotten to hang out and get to know each other better.
20. Slim and I go to the Buzzard's on a weekly basis, just to hang out. They have become our second family, and we get to celebrate everything together.
21. I despise birds, and stickers... and I am not going to ever like them.
22. I really hate riding horses, and am not really sure why anyone things that is a fun thing to do.
23. I could ride on a boat all day, every day, and never get tired of being out on the water.
24. I love that almost all of my friends have kids or have kids on the way. Children are a blessing and it makes me so happy to see them in that stage of their lives.
25. I sometimes wish that Slim and I could live a much simpler life, on a large piece of land, where we can raise babies that can run in the woods, and enjoy nature.


Art Teacher said...

YEs you should...I love your hair like that!

The Busy Bee said...

miss u too! :) sorry coffee never works out