Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kari's blood is boiling.

We are reading Red Letters, as you know, in our girls Thursday morning study.

God is doing something in Kari's heart. Don't get me wrong, he is working in all of us through this book, but in different ways. Stay tuned to see if God is calling Kari to Africa:) (Right now she says she hates the book.) HAHA.

Her passion about doing the right thing for the right people is definitely there. It is hard for her to have any sort of compassion on the older people who are causing the spread of the AIDS pandemic.

It is easy to say that God loves us, despite our falling short, but when you read about men raping young girls and then the children receiving the HIV virus, it definitely breaks your heart, and makes you have hatred toward those men. God doesn't hate those men. Yes, he does hate what they do, but God still loves them despite their sin. This may seem controversial, but it is the truth. Those men were still created by Him, and just like us need a Savior.

How can we help? I am not sure yet, but I sure want to... How about you?


Anonymous said...

as hard as it is for me to say it, I think you are right about God loving the people who do terrible things still.
I know when I yelled at my own parents the still loved me and while that is on such a minuscule scale in comparison's to God that is my earthly reference point.

It think the fact that there is such hardship and cruelty there, is however not a reason to shy away from it...I mean if you heard about that happening in the US all around us, you'd better believe people would be taking action.

I think it is hard for everyone to grasp that we can actually help them becasue there are so many people there and there really are so little people here that care...

but I think doing anything at all, however small is better than doing nothing and knowing in your heart that some little girl might have that happen to her...

so like Laura said-I hope some day soon we can find a least for the sake of all those little kids

Kari said...

I can think of a solution for the men but I do not think it is what God has in mind!